birthday-o-tron 3000

Drew this up as a little (belated) birthday gift for…

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web testing

Web properties like adhesion and tensile strength are important areas…

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lost adventurer simmy

My badge is ready (at least digitally) for FWA :3…

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yeen day (2023)

A very merry National Hyena Day to all! I’ve brought…

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another me

Drew this up pretty quick yesterday evening to demonstrate what…

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aliza contained

The creature has been contained for now :3c

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Meet Aliza! Back in March, I did some doodles inspired…

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shaw vs 🎈

i was asked a couple times while working on this…

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kigra wants to play

..Also there’s ooze again πŸ’¦ Ended up squeezing this in…

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eat pillow!

A bday gift for Boz, bein’ a gremlin even as…

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kimmy and toys

Oh no Kimmy updated their ref sheet and so I…

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A little gift I was inspired to paint up for…

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snep-yase bulli

omg  ayasebunny is doin’ so much pepper bullying how could…

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bnuy bondage fashion

A fun couples pic again between Bluna and Rabecki, a…

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bluna valentines card

happy valentine’s day from bluna :3ca spur-of-the-moment valentine’s day pic…

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Clarice just chillin’ on duty at the Rubber Suity Asylum…

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hatstrid 2

A spiritual successor to this old pic from 2018 :3c

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ellie bunsky

another toy bnuy ellie for  alphax10 🐰refined up a sketch…

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