Simmy doin’ the thonk

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We start with bnuy

Exhibit B(unny).

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Stream Sketches (Late Jan – Early Feb 2017)

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Clarice – Living red panda suit

(Original FA details:) major thanks to [Betty] for helping me name my…

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Destrega’s Balloon

(Original FA details:) the second sketch from franciskeep‘s patreon stream featuring destrega

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Mummy YCH #1

(Original FA details:) for l8xbrb2 and xexusthesilver

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Francis and Destrega

(Original FA details:) a colored sketch from franciskeep‘s patreon stream also…

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Stufful and Bewear

(Original FA details:) january patreon stream commission for armtyom featuring aurora and…

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(Original FA details:) december patreon stream commission for armtyom featuring their ‘sune…

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Gear Shopping

(Original FA details:) for franciskeep as a gift for bose featuring the two of…

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Banderi :3

(Original FA details:) another ‘side queue’ pic that i got…

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Vikki and Friends

(Original FA details:) a bit of an experiment in coloring…

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(Original FA details:) a little something for ratchclank!

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(Original FA details:) comic for ketu!

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Boa Constrictor Suit

(Original FA details:) suit concept from rubbervixen where the suit tightens around…

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Stream Paint Commission (Isefet)

Original FA details: wanted to try again with painting in…

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Latex Tube

Original FA details: ych commission for frostywinds and twelvetables!

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(Original FA details:) went with trying to paint my deer…

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